ProTrader: Dukie86

Tell us about yourself

Family man, business-owner, full-time mad bastard, part-time trader.

In late 2018 I started investing; previous to this I invested in businesses and stocks.

I was self taught – for me initially it was a bit of fun and something I did every so often. Nothing too serious, just buying the lows and selling the highs. I did quite well considering…

Luckily, I grasped the risk-management side of things from  the beginning as I treated Trading as business from the get-go! Which would go on to be one of my biggest strengths starting this game!

As time progressed, after some major ups and downs with the markets it was time to jump down the rabbit hole of Technical Analysis and to take trading seriously as I could see it had potential. 

And here we are now!

Age: 35

What are your strong points?

HTF analysis

TPO trading

Market-making psychology

What’s your favourite drink?